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About Us


Fillet for Friends seeks to reduce hunger and empower marginalized communities. We achieve this by working with local fishing and hunting communities to provide fish, wild game, education, and community resources for the under-served.

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Collecting fresh fish and game meat by fishermen and hunters all across Florida.


Donating over 

25,000 lbs of fresh fish and game meat to date. Handled with thought and care. 


Feeding and reducing hunger for over 100,000 Floridians with fresh fish since 2014.


Empowering all youth, fishermen, and hunters to use their passion to help feed the community.

*FFF is dedicated to responding to the needs of those families affected by the COVID–19 pandemic*


The out-of-the-box thinking and ingenuity of this project is a great example of what youth who grow up participating in outdoor sports and conservation activities can accomplish”

Robert A Spottswood, FWC


100% of the proceeds from your purchase support our mission to collect and donate fresh fish to hungry members of the Florida community.  



As Fillet for Friends looks to mitigate hunger across Florida, the organization relies on the donation of excess fresh fish from local anglers and tournaments. While we do promote conservation in the fishing community, at times anglers catch surplus fish that is wasted. To reduce the waste of this fresh fish our team collects and properly processes fillets to donate to local soup kitchens. 

The Fillet for Friends Fish Collection Program looks to promote conservation and the ethical harvesting of fish within the sport. It is of utmost importance that each fish harvested is humanely killed and taken with respect, and concern to its environmental impacts. 

Before donation, a HACCP-certified volunteer processes and ensures that each fish follows FFF’s specific safety and quality guidelines. As we focus on delivering quality, nutritious meat to food-insecure families throughout Florida, we will continue to prioritize the ethical treatment and conservation of fish.





To further our efforts to minimize food insecurity in Florida, Fillet for Friends has recently initiated a hunting outreach program to supplement our ongoing fish donation program. This program focuses on collecting and donating excess game meats such as deer, hog, ducks, geese, etc which is harvested by hunters who are interested in sharing with the less fortunate.


While FFF does not promote hunting, we do promote conservation and humane practices within the sport. Hunters are well known as the best conservationists, and FFF requires that the game be harvested legally and as humanely as possible. Each hunter discloses how the animals were killed and processed, and a HACCP-certified volunteer approves the quality of the meat before donation. 


As we strive to deliver high-quality, nutritious meats to food-insecure families throughout Florida, we will now be working with hunting communities to promote conservation and the ethical treatments of animals, just as we have since 2014 in the fishing community.

Your generosity can

make a difference. 

Help us reduce hunger and empower marginalized communities across the state of Florida. 

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