Co-Founder, CEO, and Board Member

Harrison Konsker started Fillet For Friends alongside Co-Founder Maccabee Herman in 2014. Harrison currently serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of Fillet For Friends. He performs tremendous work for the organization.


As the head of FFF, he oversees all departments and operations while spearheading projects and leading the team. His active participation in every aspect progresses our mission each day. Above all, he is most passionate about giving back to his community. In the future, he hopes to pursue a career helping those who need it most and to keep Fillet For Friends growing.

Matthew Adams

Chief Financial Officer

Matthew Adams joined Fillet For Friends in 2020 and serves as the Chief Financial Officer.  Matt plans on providing a stable financial structure for the organization by managing all financial transactions. He also assists in generating budgets for fishing tournaments and advises on other spending decisions for the Fillet For Friends team. Matt has a passion for finance and is currently studying at Amherst College, where he is majoring in Economics and Statistics. He hopes that he can grow Fillet For Friends’ reputation as a secure and trustworthy organization.

Ben Mores

Chief Communications Officer and Board Member

Ben Mores joined the Fillet for Friends team in 2015 as an avid film maker and fisherman. He found many ways to market Fillet For Friends through promotional videos. Since then he has grown to be a huge part of the team and now serves as the Chief Communications Officer (CCO). Ben oversees the marketing campaigns and continuously looking for ways to spread the word about Fillet For Friends. Additionally, he aims to keep Fillet For Friends growing by finding ways to make the non-profit a reputable and reliable charity. 


Chief Logistics Officer and Board Member

Colin Riley joined Fillet for Friends in 2015. Alongside Emily, he works on the behind the scenes logistical aspects of the organization. Attending every tournament, he makes sure our operations run smoothly, consistently, and properly. Having been a passionate fisherman for a significant part of this life, Colin continues to contribute his marine passion and skill set to Fillet for Friends.


Chief Operating Officer and Board Member

Emily Elhilow joined Fillet for Friends in 2018 and is the Chief Operating Officer, as well as a seasoned angler and freediver herself. In addition to attending each tournament, she carries out everything behind the scenes. Emily finds and coordinates all gateways for collections and donations, from contacting tournaments and sponsors to planning the final donation. Additionally, she spearheads merchandise orders and fundraising. She works hard to expand the organization in any way possible, as she is passionate about both fishing and our mission to end food insecurity.


Co-Founder and Vice President

Maccabee (Mac) Herman is the Vice President and Co-Founder of Fillet for Friends. For the majority of his life, Mac has been a passionate, avid, and seriously talented angler. He eagerly demonstrates that passion through his love for the organization. Mac attends all the tournaments and is a significant member to the organization. Mac—with his avid fishing and knowledge of the sport—puts us in contact with great sponsors and captains that have and continue to help us grow our organization significantly.

Nicolas Sanchez

Operations and Tournament Manager

Nicolas Sanchez joined Fillet For Friends in 2020. Having been an amateur fisherman since a young kid, he continues to bring his skill set to Fillet For Friends. Attending every event, Nico has contributed extensively to each of the tournaments. He also makes a great effort to help assist with the behind the scenes FFF merchandise. This includes receiving the merchandise, packaging, and carrying out the shipping process to ensure customer satisfaction. Nico strives to work for the greater good, in assisting the mission to end food insecurity while also executing his passion for fishing.


Graphic Designer

Gabrielle Maya joined Fillet for Friends in 2020 to take FFF's first apparel launch to the next level. Maya is currently studying public relations and graphic design at the University of Southern California. After graduating, Maya plans to bring her skills into the fashion industry.

Derek Fletcher

Videographer and Cinematographer

Derek Fletcher joined Fillet for Friends in 2020. He is an experienced and well known videography in South Florida, and he is doing an incredible job showing members of our community the work FFF accomplishes both in tournaments and out on the water.

Cynthia Heard

Advisory Council Chair

Cynthia Heard joined Fillet for Friends in 2014 and has been an intricate partner in the field of social services. As a strong Child Welfare supporter and executive leader, Cynthia worked hand in hand with Inter-Agency Council on Child Abuse and Neglect to create a nationally acclaimed community and educational “Models” that help create systemic change for at risk youth and families across the country. Cynthia has helped build and secure funding for collaborative social service initiatives, building private/public partnerships, educational partnerships and innovative continuums focusing on marginalized communities throughout the United States. She has developed and structured national as well as international initiatives that are replicable and now demonstrate innovative success. In addition to working across the bipartisan aisles through legislative advocacy and awareness, she has found new avenues to breakdown the injustices of our country that surround at risk youth and families in poverty. 

Cynthia Heard received her BA from the University of Southern California and her M.ED from Howard University.  

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