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Ethan Sobel joined Fillet for Friends in 2020 and has moved up in the ranks from the Director of Tournaments and Events to CEO. In addition to attending each tournament, he checks on all team members to ensure everything goes well behind the scenes. Ethan finds and coordinates gateways for collections and donations. From contacting tournaments and sponsors to planning the final donation, Ethan is always on the clock trying to better the organization. Additionally, he seeks out volunteers who share a common drive to benefit our community. He works hard to expand the organization in any way possible, as he is passionate about both fishing and our mission to end food insecurity.


Director of Tournaments and Events


Matthew Amunategui joined Fillet for Friends in 2022. Alongside Ethan, he works on the coordination efforts behind the scenes to help us attend the tournaments. Attending every tournament, he makes sure our operations run smoothly, consistently, and properly. Having been a passionate fisherman for a significant part of his life, Matthew continues to put forth his marine passion and skill set to Fillet for Friends.


Grant Consultant

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Alice Dickow joined Fillet for Friends in 2020 and brings several years of experience in research, grant writing and fund development. Her record of accomplishments spans across projects and publications. Her years of experience in the nonprofit sector have afforded her opportunities to work as a manager, writer, researcher, evaluator, administrator, facilitator, trainer, and clinician. A resident of Hawaii, Alice hopes to combine her passion for writing and the ocean to support the mission of Fillet for Friends.


Director of Digital Communications


Grace Gensheimer joined Fillet for Friends in 2023 as the Director of Digital Communications. Along with managing social media platforms and promoting Fillet for Friends, Grace loves to fish, dive, and spend time out on the water. Her passion for fishing and diving is reflected in the aesthetics and information presented on FFF social media pages that assist the attention and visibility of the organization. With her previous work experience in supporting those suffering from food insecurity, she gives her all to ensure the message of Fillet for Friends is known and highlights ways citizens in our community can help. 


Board Chairwoman


Cynthia Heard joined Fillet for Friends in 2014 and has been an intricate partner in the field of social services. Cynthia worked hand in hand with Inter-Agency Council on Child Abuse and Neglect to create a nationally acclaimed community and educational “Models” that help create systemic change for at risk youth and families across the country.


Cynthia has helped build and secure funding for collaborative social service initiatives, building private/public partnerships, educational partnerships and innovative continuums focusing on marginalized communities throughout the United States. She has developed and structured national as well as international initiatives that are replicable and now demonstrate innovative success. Cynthia Heard received her BA from the University of Southern California and her M.ED from Howard University.  


Advisor and Mentor


Captain Bill Kelly has been a part of Fillet for Friends since its inception in 2014. As the Executive Director of the Florida Keys Commercial Fishermen’s Association for 11 years, Capt. Kelly has been instrumental in connecting the Fillet for Friends team with tournament directors and fishing captains across the country. Capt. Kelly serves as a mentor and advisor to the organization. He oversees all administrative decisions made by the team, ensuring they are on the path to a nationwide expansion. Additionally, with over 33 years of experience as an international fishing guide, Capt. Kelly makes it a priority to educate the team on improving conservation efforts. 


Co-Founder and Vice President


Maccabee (Mac) Herman is the Vice President and Co-Founder of Fillet for Friends. For the majority of his life, Mac has been a passionate, avid, and seriously talented angler. He eagerly demonstrates that passion through his love for the organization. Mac attends all the tournaments and is a significant member to the organization. Mac—with his avid fishing and knowledge of the sport—puts us in contact with great sponsors and captains that have and continue to help us grow our organization significantly.


Co-Founder and President

Konsker, Harrison.jpg

Harrison Konsker started Fillet For Friends alongside Co-Founder Maccabee Herman in 2014. Harrison currently serves as President of Fillet For Friends. He performs tremendous work for the organization.


As the head of FFF, he oversees all departments and operations while spearheading projects and leading the team. His active participation in every aspect progresses our mission each day. Above all, he is most passionate about giving back to his community. In the future, he hopes to pursue a career helping those who need it most and to keep Fillet For Friends growing.


Director of Seafood and Wildlife


Zach Wurman joined Fillet for Friends in 2020 and has served as the Director of the seafood program since 2021. Zach has been interested in fishing and wildlife since his early childhood. He started fishing when he was just 7 years old and has been a vocal member of the fishing community ever since. Using the connections and contacts he has made from his fishing endeavors, Zach has significantly bolstered Fillet for Friends’ collective efforts. Zach plans to continue working for the remainder of his time in high school and carry our mission with him in his future path. 

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