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To reduce hunger and empower marginalized communities,


Fillet For Friends


Fillet for Friends (FFF) is a 501(c)(3) certified nonprofit organization that was created in 2014 by high-schoolers Harrison Konsker and Maccabee Herman. Beyond the classroom, these avid anglers were on the water every weekend catching their recreational bag limits time after time. The boys came to realize that they could offer up their catch to those who needed it most. Harrison and Maccabee decided it was best to reach out to local food banks as a way to intertwine their angling success with their passion to serve the community. After contacting local food banks across South Florida, they found a better setting for their catch to be served.

Since its inception, FFF has been feeding South Florida through a variety of methods. Most popularly, FFF regularly attends fishing tournaments across Florida to collect a surplus of fresh fish. A majority of our donations come from this process to help to reduce waste and fill the plates of the hungry.

Aside from tournament donations, FFF makes it effortless for individual anglers across Florida to donate their fish. Fishermen are able to contact FFF through a variety of outlets including emails, texts, or even through the contact page featured on our website. After reaching out, the angler’s fish will then be picked up at convenience, filleted, packaged, and delivered to a local food bank of choice. Following this process, every donation will receive a confirmation ensuring that their catch was delivered respectively. 

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